Why Do Cats Like KEYBOARDS So Much? What Is It All About?

cat in keyboard

Isn't it bizarre, this strange affinity cats have for keyboards?

You sit down to work or play, only to find your feline friend pouncing on your prized possession. 😺

But guess what?

You're not alone.

Let's unravel this keyboard conundrum together, shall we?

Understanding Cats' Fascination with Keyboards

Do you ever wonder why cats can't resist keyboards?

Here are 11 possible reasons:

  1. Cats are naturally curious, always getting into things.
  2. They love finding cozy spots to curl up in.
  3. Kitties have a thing for stuff that smells like their owners.
  4. Laptops and keyboards carry your scent, drawing them in.
  5. The way we humans interact with computers truly fascinates them.
  6. They observe our behaviors, like how we focus and move our eyes.
  7. Keyboards make cool sounds and movements that catch their attention.
  8. The warmth coming from the keys is just too tempting for them to resist.
  9. Screens flickering and images changing sparks their curiosity.
  10. To cats, computers are these mysterious metal boxes they want to understand.
  11. Felines simply want to be part of your computer world.

And here's another thing, cats need mental challenges and playtime with a purpose.

This is where keyboards become important.

Understanding Cats' Fascination with Keyboards
Cats love keyboards. They find warmth, texture, and the clicking sounds totally captivating. It's their way of getting your attention and getting close to you. If you want to stop this behavior, give them other stuff to do, like a nearby box or shut the laptop.

The movement of fingers on the keys provides stimulation and engagement.

Plus, the texture and sensation of pressing the keys add to their fascination.

So, next time you see your kitty hopping onto your keyboard, remember, they're just trying to join in on your tech-savvy adventures. 😺

Main points I'll expand upon further down this article:

  1. Cats are attracted to keyboards because they provide warmth and comfort.
  2. Cats are fascinated by the clicking and tapping noises produced by keyboards.
  3. Sitting on keyboards can be a way for cats to seek attention and proximity to their owners.
  4. Cats sitting on keyboards or interrupting work is a natural behavior and should be appreciated.
  5. Spending quality time with cats through play sessions can help prevent attention-seeking behavior.
  6. Placing a small box near the desk can deter cats from jumping on the keyboard.
  7. Feeding or playing with your cat before work can discourage them from sitting on the keyboard.
  8. Closing the laptop and keeping the office door shut can effectively keep cats away.
  9. Installing a cat condo or shelf near your desk can provide a higher perch for cats.
  10. Training exercises and positive reinforcement can help redirect a cat's focus away from the keyboard.

And, as I sit here typing away on my own keyboard, I can't help but empathize with our feline friends and their penchant for these tech devices.

But beyond the allure of technology and mental stimulation, there are a few other reasons that explain why cats find keyboards irresistible...

Why Do Cats Like to Sleep on Keyboards?

The raised position of a keyboard gives you viewing advantage, let alone your feline companion. It's not just about observation though.

Why Do Cats Like to Sleep on Keyboards?
Cats like keyboards. They're warm and let them watch everything. So, set up a cozy spot close by with blankets or a heated bed. That way, they've got something better to do than bother your keyboard.

Keyboards double as snug havens for cats seeking warmth and comfort.

Some kitties choose to sprawl lethargically on top, while others gracefully tread the keys and inadvertently activate functions.

Once laptops are in use, their radiant heat becomes irresistible to cats, making keyboards alluring hotspots for ultimate coziness.

Do Cats Like Keyboard Sound?

Certain felines can't resist the sound of your keyboard.

And really, who could blame them?

The soft tapping and clicking might remind cats of the peaceful rustling and pitterpatter of prey in tall grass.

It's like their own personal hunting soundtrack!

However, not all cats are fans.

Some find loud or harsh keyboard sounds too jarring. Can you blame them?

Would you want to be surrounded by shrieking babies?

But there are cats who find the sound soothing (weird, right?). These cats are naturally drawn to peaceful and calming noises. They are captivated by the repetitive sounds of typing.

So don't be surprised if your furry friend seeks attention whenever you open your laptop.

It may just be her way of asking for some quality time.

Don't worry about the computer though; she'll probably snuggle up next to you while you work. 😉

And now, let me share with you why cats choose to sit on keyboards and how this behavior can actually be a way for them to seek attention and engage with their owners during work sessions...

Cats Want Attention

Why do cats always sit on keyboards?

Here's why:

  1. They're curious: Cats love to know what you're up to, especially if it involves that shiny screen.
  2. They want to be close: Sitting on your keyboard is the ultimate way for cats to be right next to their beloved human.
  3. They grab attention: Blocking your work with their cute little bodies guarantees all eyes on them and not your tasks.
  4. They like high places: Cats enjoy perching themselves in elevated spots. By positioning themselves between you and the screen, they ensure maximum attention.
  5. Social butterflies: Cats crave interaction, and disrupting your work is their way of saying, "Hey, look at me!"
  6. Make time for play: Spending quality playtime with your cat helps reduce attention-seeking behavior while strengthening your bond.
  7. Provide other options: Give them comfy beds or resting spots away from the keyboard to redirect their focus.
  8. Meet their needs: Keep your feline friend entertained with toys, scratching posts, outdoor adventures, mental challenges, and lots of social interaction.

Cats just want some love and attention from their favorite person – that's you!

And if you're really curious about why your furball seems obsessed with your face, well...

I've got you covered.

Get ready to delve into the fascinating reasons behind this behavior in my blog post, Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Face.

It's a must-read for anyone who wants to understand their feline friend's quirky habits.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

How Do You Keep Cats Off Your Keyboard?

Using scents to keep cats off your keyboard

You know what cats really dislike?

Strange smells.

So, if you want to keep those little furballs away from your keyboard, simply place citrus peelings or menthol near it. Cats absolutely hate that stuff.

But hey, there are other methods too…

Other ways to keep cats away from your keyboard

First things first, get yourself a small box and put it next to your desk.

It's weird, but cats just don't seem to like boxes.

Give it a try!

Also, if you're not around and don't want your furry friend claiming the keyboard as their own, you can either close the room or move the keyboard elsewhere.

Out of sight, out of mind!

How Do You Keep Cats Off Your Keyboard?
Keep those pesky cats away from your keyboard, buddy. Smell is the secret weapon here. Cats hate citrus and menthol, so spray some of that around. Oh, and give 'em a little box nearby, they don't mess with boxes.

And here's another tip for you...

Engage with your cat before you start working

Turns out cats need attention too...

Who would've thought?

But seriously, play with your cat or feed them before you sit down to work.

They might just leave your keyboard alone at last.

Oh, and one more thing that works like magic:

Close that laptop. It's super effective in keeping cats away!

And don’t forget to shut the office door because kitties love exploring.

Now, let's talk about some other strategies…

Designating spaces for your cat and training exercises

So, here's what you can do:

  • Install a nice cat condo or shelf near your desk. Cats love being up high, so this will keep them entertained and away from your precious keys.
  • Set aside specific areas in your workspace only for your cat. Fill them with toys and fun stuff to satisfy their ever-expanding curiosity.

Got all that?


And that wraps up today's article.

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Talk soon,

-Sarah Davis

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